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Now, About that Appointment!
    The answers, straight from Jessica.

At Peace Massage & Wellness Reception AreaMaking your appointment ...

Sorry, we don't have a receptionist.
However, there are a number of ways to make your appointment.   You can call, text, e-mail or schedule online.  If you call and get my voice mail, please leave a message.  A lot of times, I just start on a massage and the phone rings.  I don't want to miss your call but I am not going to leave my client on the table to answer the phone, either.  So many times, I look to see who has called to find no message was left.  If you want a massage, I will call you back, but you have to leave a message.

I also book a lot of my appointments through texting.  It's a wonderful tool and now I am going to offer online scheduling.  This is new at At Peace Massage & Wellness and I hope this technology will allow my clients to get access to my schedule quicker to book their appointments.

Nothing is perfect, and I am sure there will be a hiccup or two along the way, but if you have a questions about a massage or want to talk first, calling is always best.

To cancel your appointment, you must give 48 hours notice that you will not be able to keep your appointment without incurring cost. Anything less than 48 hours notice will be charged half the cost of the scheduled service.

If you "no show" the entire amount of service must be paid before any new services will be scheduled.

What are your hours?  I stopped by but the doors were locked.  What gives?

At Peace Massage & Wellness Lobby AreaWe accept clients Monday - Sunday by appointment!, meaning At Peace and the other therapists who rent and work within At Peace Massage and Wellness Studio.

At Peace Massage and Wellness schedules clients for appointments ONLINE 9 AM - 6 PM, Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays, 9 AM - 11 AM. Please visit my online scheduler by clicking the calendar found on this site. It will direct you to my schedule online thru Genbook. This allows you to review what is open and for you to look at your own schedule to pick the time that is best for your needs. This site also allows you to cancel and review your service on your own time schedule. I do ask that cancellations are done with at least 24 hours notice. This allows me to contact anyone who needs to get in sooner and is on my cancellation list. You are also welcome to call and leave a message.  Due to my volume of clients, I will return your call as quickly as I can. It is best to use the online scheduler for faster appointment scheduling.



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At Peace Massage & Wellness is by appointment only. No walk-ins.

At Peace Massage & Wellness - Bamboo Fusion MassageDoes everyone at your office offer the same massages?

No.  The information about massage on this site is strictly for At Peace Massage & Wellness.  I am the only one certified to do the massages mentioned on the Services page.  For example, if you are interested in an Ashiatsu Massage, you need to book that through me.


At Peace Massage & Wellness Massage RoomWhat to expect ...

Some people ask, "What do I wear to a massage?"  The answer is really up to you; it is all about your comfort level.  I have some clients that have had a lot of experience with massage and wear nothing, but please remember the client is always draped with a sheet and blanket.  The only part exposed is the area being worked on. I also have clients leave their underwear on.  Ladies, removing your bra is helpful so I can work the entire back area without restrictions but it is not necessary.

I also have other types of massage, such as Thai and stretching, where the client can be completely clothed and still receive massage.  You would just wear forgiving fabrics, yoga pants, warm-up or loose-fitting work-out clothing — something that gives.

Massage with clothing on does not allow for a deep massage, however, we can still work through the clothing and the client feels release in tension and relaxed.

**  I see you have other therapists here ...

At Peace Massage & Wellness is owned and operated by Jessica Jensen, LMT, NCTMB, CKTP, C.At.

However, there are other therapists also working within the facility: they are not employees of At Peace Massage and Wellness. Dr. Greg Ng Dung, Julie Lawson, Bethany Kennedy, LMT; Kathy Siegfried, LMT; Jennifer Myers, LMT.

If you are looking for a massage from either of them, please contact them directly.

We also work together at times to coordinate couples massages.  These massages need to be paid individually to the respective therapist. 

**  At Peace Massage & Wellness rents space only.  There are no other employees.

Gift Certificates

At Peace Massage & Wellness offers gift certificates to be purchased.  These make great gifts for someone special or to give as a special "thanks" to someone. Please note:  Due to scheduling with massage appointments, you may need to schedule online. Please have recipient bring printed gift certificate at time of service.